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While we offer surf coaching in Samoa and the Maldives, our flagship surf school operates out of Dee Why, NSW located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The Northern beaches are comprised of around 13 beaches totalling about 20 kilometers of surfable coastline. There are numerous spots to catch waves just minutes from our location in Dee Why. Further, Dee Why itself offers an excellent variety of waves. At the southern end is Dee Why Point -- a right hander breaking over reef that can be sucky and powerful. This point wave eventually reforms in the "Kiddies Courner" -- an excellent spot for beginners to catch there first waves or for others to develop their technique in smaller, more forgiving, waves. Moving north up Dee Why Beach, there are several sand banks which can provide waves ranging from fun long board waves to more challenging, barrelling waves. At the far north end of the beach, Dee Why meets Long Reef beach and headland. Facing south, Long Reef is a sweel magnite for southern swell.

Come surf with us on the Northern Beaches!

To book a lesson with one of Line Up's surf schools we would love to hear from you! Please call or write to us using the details below...

Tel: +61 2 9971 8624


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