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Line Up Surf Samoa offers surfing packages to suit every budget. Maninoa Surf Camp at Siumu on the South shore of Upolu is situated on a beautiful, private beach with seven world class surf spots within a short boat trip of the camp, including the famous Coconuts straight out the front. Your experienced Australian surf guide will ensure that you can take advantage of the best breaks the islands have to offer, surfing in clean, clear water with no crowds and no hassles. Should the rare occasion occur when there is no swell, lagoon snorkelling or reef fishing trips will be available. Samoa is one of the rarely explored surfing outposts which, with the help of Line Up Surf Samoa, could become the venue of your ultimate surfing holiday.

Line Up Surf Maldives offers surf packages at Cokes Surf Villas, Beacons Surf Villas and Paradise Resort.

Cokes Surf Camp is a budget guesthouse accommodation complex and is one of the first budget travel destinations in The Maldives. The camp is located about 30min speedboat journey from the airport in Male and features 2 of the best surf breaks in the country in its Backyard! Directly infront of our guesthouse is "COKES/COLAS" arguably the best right hander in the Maldives, it offers a fast paced hollow barrel over a shallow reef (don’t be concerned, the reef isn’t too sharp and it’s unlikely that if you don’t make a barrel out here you will hit the reef anyway.) To the left of Cokes across the channel is CHICKENS! A fast paced wave that can go for more than 250metres on its day and offer barrelling sections and walls you just want your fins to punish! For more information on Cokes Surf Camp visit: http://www.cokessurfvillas.com

Beacon’s Surf Camp is Cokes’ sister camp located in The Maldives’ Southern Atoll. For more information on Beacon's Surf Villas visit: http://beaconssurfvillas.com .

Paradise Island Resort is a 5 star luxury island nestled amongst tall palm trees and surrounded by white sandy beaches! It is the 2nd largest resort island in The Maldives and has more facilities/activities than any other resort island, with tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, jet skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, banana boating, parasailing, windsurfing and much much more on offer! It also features one of the best day spa's in the world receiving awards for staff presentation and spa management. Line Up Surf operates surfing trips from Paradise Island Resort twice Daily. With 1 trip leaving at 8:30am returning at 12pm and the 2nd trip departing at 2:30pm returning at 5pm. This gives surfers the chance to mix up there days with surfing, time for the wife and kids or some watersports activities, so you can get as much done as possible and get the most out of your holiday!

For more information about any of our surf destinations please do not hesitate to contact us!

Tel: +61 2 9971 8624

Email: lineup@lineup.com.au

We look forward to hearing from you!


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