Equipment Advice for Beginners


Beginners are recommended to learn to surf on a Soft top long board, long board (mal) or mini mal. Bigger boards are more stable and offer more buoyancy and is genuinely more easier to catch waves on. At the early stages of learning how to surf it is necessary to have a board that is going to make catching waves easier and provide the most stability when standing up. Mals or mini mals are a great board for beginners and are suitable for small to large people.

Leg rope

The leg rope is important on every board, situated at the bottom of the surf board, it keeps the board attached to you in the case that you fall of board or loose grip of it. The leg rope for any board should be around the same length as the surf board. So for a beginner mal or soft top the leg rope is going to be pretty long.

Another consideration to take into account when purchasing a leg rope is the size of the waves. Bigger waves will require a longer and stronger leg rope.


Wax is most needed on fibre glass surfboards however can be used on soft top boards for extra grip.

Wax is applied to the top of the surfboard to provide grip.

Make sure you use the correct wax for the season/ water you are surfing in. Use warm water wax for summer and warmer water, cold water wax for winter and tropical water wax for more tropical climates such as Samoa.

Coaches Tip

Remember to take the wax off your board regularly or at least each season such as summer or winter and apply the wax best suited for that season.

We have been a part of the evolving surf industry for the past 25 years. All of our staff are knowledgable when it comes to surf gear and would love to help you choose the right equipment for you. Whether you want to discuss your first or 100th board, set of fins, wetsuit, or board bag, give us a call or drop us a note.

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